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ZX-1 Experimentation Lab is a settlement workstation can allow you to build customized weapons. This station is located in "Crafting Stations" section of the workshop. The system does not use the standard crafting, but an entirely new customized menu-driven system: when you use the workstation, it will access the computer terminal to begin crafting.

Overview[edit | edit source]

  • The Terminal offers a wide range of dynamic information for every menu/step
  • Once you can build a weapon, you will go through a series of menus to customize it
  • No materials are used until you reach the final menu and choose to actually build the weapon
  • Currently, the system only supports creating weapons, but I will probably add in armor and other items in the future
  • The materials can be pulled from your inventory, or your current Production Storage. If you set it to a workshop, it will use materials from all linked workshops as well.
  • You can safely use the terminal's "BACK" key to go back and redo steps.
  • There may be a few cases where some display information is not accurate when you use the back key. If this happens, go back to the main menu and start again.

Learning Weapon Schematics[edit | edit source]

  • To unlock weapons, it requires reverse engineering the weapons in order to learn the schematic to rebuild it
  • Reverse engineering does NOT grant you automatic access to build it. You may still require specific perks.
  • When you attempt to reverse engineer weapons, it will look through your inventory for weapons you are carrying
  • Reverse engineering does NOT destroy or alter your existing weapons
  • Once a weapon is cataloged, you no longer need to carry it in order to rebuild a new one

Experimentation Points (EP's)[edit | edit source]

  • When you reach the stage where you can improve the quality on a weapon, each material you use requires a certain amount of EP
  • The base starting value is 100 EP, and you gain extra EP's based on your crafting skill
  • EP's can max at 200 points (with 1000 skill)
  • Titanium Alloy grants reduced EP cost for all grades

Calibration Points (CP's)[edit | edit source]

  • When you reach the stage where you can calibrate your weapon, each calibration consumes 10 CP's
  • CP's are determined based on the quality of the weapon (10 CP's per 1% quality)
  • Steel Alloy grants 20 extra calibration points

Weapon Crafting Skill[edit | edit source]

  • You can gain Weapon Craft Skill by crafting weapons and reverse engineering them
  • Crafting gives skill based on the quality of the product, and the level of the base mod
  • Crafting skill maxes at 1000 points
  • For every 10 crafting skill, you gain 1 bonus "Experimentation Point" (max of 200 points)
  • Reverse Engineering weapons gives 5 skill points per
  • Weapon quality needs to at least be 1 in order to gain skill
  • When you reach 250 skill, crafting weapons under 3 quality only gains half skill
  • When you reach 500 skill, crafting weapons under 5 quality only gains half skill
  • When you reach 750 skill, crafting weapons under 7 quality only gains half skill
  • NOTE: Crafting skill is meant to be gained over the course of a playthrough. It's really not meant to be something you grind out to skill up.

Legendary Properties[edit | edit source]

  • The "base" mod you apply to the weapon is similar to a legendary property
  • Many base mods require certain perks in order to appear on the list, so not everything is unlocked for free
  • Most base mods can optionally be upgraded during the process, to increase it's effectiveness
  • All crafted weapons are flagged as "legendary" with a star icon and description, but do not have the "featured" pop-up
  • All crafted weapon mods will be reflected with the item naming (i.e. the Quickdraw mod will say: 10mm Pistol "Quickdraw")